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  • I've been to this place a few times and it's great! the kids learn a lot and the instructors are incredibly talented and caring. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone interested in martial arts, in a quality studio. I've sent my kids there a few times and they absolutely love it.

  • One word: Quality. I searched and investigated for a martial arts studio to join when my daughter turned 7. We are fortunate that there are several studios available and convenient to where we live. However, I chose to join a studio farther away. We forsake convenience and travel past 6 other studios to get to Moorimgoong because they are a cut above all the others. Martial arts can benefit any person, but especially children. It teaches self-confidence, discipline, focus, and every type of physical prowess, but only if done correctly. You don't want to commit your time and efforts to a cookie-cutter studio that just popped up in a strip mall. Those places are usually just a business venture for a group of black belts who are hoping to make money from their martial arts enthusiasm. Sometimes they succeed, but most are gone after a few years which leaves you abandoned with your training incomplete. However, Moorimgoong is a place run by a family that spans generations. For them, this is a multi-lifelong commitment of shaping minds and toning bodies. Their long heritage is a benefit to us students because of the wisdom and expertise we receive that you just won't get from your typical smaller studios. When I first started at Moorimgoong, it was different from the Kempo (Kenpō) training I had experienced in my youth. I started to question if I had joined the right studio despite the careful vetting I had done. It took me a while to adjust, but because of the nurturing environment they have created, I now understand the wisdom of their methods. They are clearly doing something right, because I see students of every age sticking with the program, instead of losing interest. I can see the positive effects it has had on my daughter and that got my wife to join us. Now we all train together. I realize this sounds like a glowing review of Moorimgoong and some of you might wonder if I have an agenda here. The truth is, I do! I wasn't paid to write this review. However, I am still doing it for selfish reasons. I want Moorimgoong to continue with their success, so I may continue to train there. If you are a person who believes in building character, then I want you as a fellow student. If you want to be part of the best martial arts community in the area, then I want you there with me. In the end we are all stronger together.

  • I didn't have any prior experience with martial arts but I was looking to get in shape without having to to go the traditional route of hitting the gym.
    Moorimgoong really got me working hard and sweating with every lesson and the instructors are very attentive and actually WANT to help you achieve your fitness goals.

  • This dojo is by far one of the most welcoming places and has very nice instructors everyone makes the environment safe for all including students, parents, and the neighborhood. This is a great place to bring your kids to for they are able to learn valuable skills in martial arts, patients, technique, and respect. Overall a great positive space with lots of good vibes and they have been able to maintain all of the regulations for health safety.

  • My eldest child and oldest son, Daniel was – at best – mostly C’s and an occasional B in school. He’s been doing Moorimdo for about 8 months now. After joining Moorimgoong, he has been receiving all A's in his assignments and exams after just three months of attending Moorimgoong. The instructors changed my son's character from a kid who only played games to a goal oriented individual who lives to his fullest and strives for excellence. The money, time, and effort invested has already paid off. I can't even imagine where he will be in a few years from now. We thank Moorimgoong everyday within our household on what they've done for our family. Yesterday, I went on to sign up my two other kids. Our family will be with Moorimgoong for many many years to come.

  • If you are in the la area and want to train for self defense, fitness, health, or just to pick up a new hobby, I highly recommend this place! I started attending Moorimgoong back in October 2019 when David launched the MMA program. After a few months of training, I feel a lot more confident in walking around the streets in LA. I feel as if I found another family here at Moorimgoong. Super glad that I chose this place as my martial arts gym!

  • One of the best summer camps. The staff and families that I interacted with were beyond friendly and courteous to one another. My children really enjoyed the different activities/themes each week. The walks to get frozen yogurt and nunchucks introduction were my child's favorites. As a parent, I didn't see/hear anything from my child or myself that would cause concern. Excellent program with a constant goal to evolve into something bigger and brighter. Bravo.

  • I've been training and practicing martial arts with Moorimgoong for 3 years. Moorimgoong is definitely my favorite martial arts training place in LA! The place is clean, spacious, and well equipped with different kinds of weapons. Most importantly, the founder, masters and coaches of the school are very skillful and patient in teaching students.

  • Moorimgoong Martial Arts is not just a Dojang or Martial Arts studio. It is truly a school in its own class. You will not find another school in the Los Angeles area to match their highest standard. I am so excited to be taking the 12 week Women's Self-Defense Course taught by Grandmaster Ari Moon. I had my orientation class today and learned some basic techniques as well as the importance of taking care of your body with whole food nutrition. I felt empowered after the class and was feeling focus and full of energy. Thank you Grandmaster for your passion, dedication, and empowerment in helping individuals ready to transform during the global pandemic and uncertain times.

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